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Terraria Journeys Onto Xbox One Later This Year

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

With new functionality, too!

Indie-hit Terraria will be making the leap onto next-gen consoles some time in 2014, announced publisher 505 Games on the games' forums.

The news comes a week before E3, where they will be presenting the PS4 and Vita versions behind closed doors. There are no details on whether the Xbox One edition will be shown.

The major 1.2 title update in April that was released for consoles will be included in the Xbox One and PS4 versions as well as some "brand new functionality." This new update changed the graphics, added new recipes and items, as well as numerous bug fixes and improvements. In other words, the next-gen version is the one to get if you still haven't played this three-year-old game.

A sequel was already confirmed from developer Re-Logic last year, saying it will be coming to multiple platforms but definitely NOT the 3DS. Sorry Nintendo.

We reviewed Terraria when it landed on XBLA and quite enjoyed it. You can read our thoughts right here.


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MegaKillScreen said:

Oh good. I get to buy Terraria again. I think this will be the 4th time? Well played Re-Logic. Well played.

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