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Xbox One Games With Gold Coming Next Month

Posted by Ken Barnes

At last...

Microsoft has confirmed that they will be extending the Xbox 360's "Games With Gold" program to the Xbox One in June.

Next month, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault will be available for free, although Xbox One access is subscription-based, which differs from the Xbox 360 version of the program.

In short, this means that you will need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to play the games. If your subscription ends, so does your access to the titles, regardless of whether or not you have them installed.

The move was fully expected - and has been for some months

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holchasaur said:

Well, it looks like I'll finally be hanging out with Max. I kept putting off purchasing a copy because I totally expected it to be the first Gold Game for Xbox One. Looks like I made the right call.

Unfortunately, I already paid for Spartan Assault with my own money. It's not terrible, but it's painfully bland.



Anthinator said:

Haven't played Spartan Assault and probably never would have paid for it anyway. This is a nice bonus for just being a loyal Gold member.



SCRAPPER392 said:

I thought the games were going to be TRULY free(get to keep the games). I guess Microsoft is just trying to compete with Sony,

PS+ is totally understandable on PS4, but not so much on Vita and PS3, IMO.

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