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Taking Screenshots on Xbox One Planned for Future System Update

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

"Xbox, take screenshot!"

While capturing video on Xbox One is as simple as saying "Xbox, record that," we do wish there was a similar command to snap a quick screenshot during gameplay and then share it with friends. Well, according to new Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, this feature is set to be coming in a future system update.

Responding to the fan question on Twitter, Phil Spencer replied, "Yea, this is the list for the monthly updates, team is making great progress on the updates. More features to come."

The Xbox team has been putting out regular system updates since the Xbox One launch and has improved friend notifications, Party Chat, and even recently added a sound mixer. Next month's June update will bring the much-requested external storage support for all those large game installations.

The ability to take screenshots is a very welcome addition, if we were to say so ourselves. For those with Kinect, the voice command could be as simple as saying "Xbox, take screenshot." But we also must wonder how taking screenshots would affect those purchasing a Kinect-less Xbox One. Over on PS4, taking a picture and video is as simple as pressing the Share button but the Xbox One controller doesn't have a button like that. Surely, an even larger system update must be in the works to make this possible.


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SethPuddle said:

I have been wondering about this. I was so sure that it had the function, I just thought my box was broken. I mean, it can take video, so I figured screenshots were a part of the package. I've been yelling at my xbox, abusing it for not listening to my "take screenshot" command. i'm so sorry murderbox 2. yeah. that's the name of my xb1.



PeTitosaurus said:

Wonder if this was something they'd planned all along, or if it was something they thought of after the release and went "Bugger!".



JaxonH said:

Screenshots are a must, but tbh they should really consider integrating an Xbox social site for gamers to post, comment and share pics on. I have no interest in posting to Facebook or other generic social sites. And you gotta post, otherwise what was the point of taking the pic?



PeTitosaurus said:

@SunnyShores Such an elementary thing. It's quite funny. "Who wants still pics? We've got videos... they move. It's the future. Why would anyone want a simple pic over video?"

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