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Saints Row: The Third Goes Free on Games With Gold Today

Posted by Ken Barnes

Urban warfare gets cheaper

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! (That was an impression of a siren. Shush.) This is your friendly reminder that 'tis the 16th of the month today, and that can only mean one thing...'s Games With Gold refresh day!

That's right. Today, we say goodbye to Dust: An Elysian Tail as it leaves the program, and is replaced by the weapon-customizin', bullet-firin', air-strikin', erm...rival turf stealin'...erm...other sort of thingin'...Saints Row: The Third.

The game is free with Games With Gold on Xbox 360 today, in all territories. If you've got Xbox Live Gold going on, you can jump on and download the full game, and play it for as long as you'd like. We'll even help you out with a few download links...

USA: Oh yeah! Grab your Saints Row: The Third, y'all!
UK: Obtain a bit of Saints Row: The Third, if you'd be so kind! Sorry!
Japan: Ima, Saints Row: The Third daunrōdo! (Thank you, Google Translate. Sorry, entire nation of Japan.)

Xbox One owners, you won't have to wait much longer either, with Games with Gold for Xbox One kicking off in June.

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DRL said:

@Anthinator — It does look that way, doesn't it? Haha. I haven't been able to get into this series, for whatever reason. I honestly don't know why, either. It's all the things that I usually look for in a game. I remember renting the first installment when it was released and having a blast with it for a couple days, but 2 and 3 failed to reel me in. Maybe I'll try again now that such a great opportunity has presented itself. :)



ThreadShadow said:

I wish Xbox 360 owners were getting Halo: Spartan Assault in June too. I'd really rather have that then charlie murder. I'm not a fan of Ska Studios work.

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