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Microsoft Announces Kinect-Free Xbox One

Posted by Ken Barnes

Who'd have thought it?

Microsoft has confirmed that they will be releasing a Kinect-less Xbox One bundle for a lower price.

The new package will be available from June 9th, and will retail for £349.99 in the UK, or $399.99 in the US, making it the same price as the PlayStation 4. The bundle will include the Xbox One console and a controller, and will be available alongside the current bundle, should gamers wish to purchase an Xbox One with Kinect.

Later in the year, a standalone Kinect 2.0 device will be made available, so players can add one to their Xbox One system if they wish.

So is this a good move by Microsoft, do you think? Or will a Kinect-less Xbox One just mean that developers have even less reason to try to harness the power of Kinect?


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holchasaur said:

Personally, I've grown to love voice commands and motion navigation, so I wouldn't want a Kinect-less Xbox One, BUT, this is HUGE news. I know many people that have been holding off on "next-gen" that will likely go with Xbox because of this. Man, if we're getting announcements like this now, E3 is going to be nuts, huh?



SuperKMx said:

@DRL Yup - they're saving E3 for the games and the games alone, it seems. I'm not going to argue!



Generik said:

@DRL Totally agree that I would not want an Xbox One without Kinect as the voice commands work great. I don't use the motion control much but have enjoyed a handful of games with Kinect integration that work great. Playing Battlefield 4 and being able to say "I need a medic" or "I need ammo" and have that point you at on the map to your teammates is awesome in comparison to bringing up a menu with options.

I think this will overall be good for the Xbox and help get it back in contention with PS4 in terms of sales.. but I think it's terrible news for future Kinect development. The real problem in my mind is the Xbox One launched and there has only been one true Kinect game so far.. Kinect Sports Rivals. Other games dabbled with some integration, but nothing to really show why Kinect should be required.



WayneDavies89 said:

Great plan for a release the day before E3, they will most certainly be shifting a few units at the event.



armoredghor said:

I think if I get an xbone it'll still be with Kinect. I don't see another big difference it and the xbox 360.



JaxonH said:

Um, I actually think I'd rather buy the Kinect model. I mean, they've already got bundles WITH a game for $450. Why give up Kinect and a game just to save fifty bucks?

This is good new though. Flexibility and responsiveness are what we want to see in a platform holder.



Vincent294 said:

While I like the 360 Kinect and apparently the new one's better, I'd rather skip it next gen. This is huge to me. $100 is not worth voice commands. I can see $60, but not $100. As for the limb tracking, I could care less even if it is better this time around. This makes the One viable to me. I didn't expect them to drop it so soon.



Gold_Ranger said:

Even without the Kinect it is still too expensive.
I'd go for it if it was about $50-$75 cheaper still.
Though, to be honest, I've got my WiiU and with Mario Kart 8 out in 2 weeks, I'll be plenty busy between that and a bunch of other games for it. The only thing I'm even interested in for the XB:O is The Witcher 3 and maybe Elder Scrolls: Online... but I'll get that once the Monthly goes away.



Anthinator said:

This is HUGE news on the business front, but still saddening to see Kinect becoming less of an importance. I know MS says Kinect is still very much an integral part of the X1 experience, but the truth is that consumers won't pick up Kinect if there aren't any games tailored for it.



Tasuki said:

Looks like I will be buying an Xbox One now.

Honestly if they did this at launch I would have a bought an Xbox One instead of the PS4, but MS was so stubborn about having the kinect. Guess it took Sony kicking their butt to realize that it wasn't worth 100 bucks to gamers.



Gamer83 said:

Just need official release dates for Quantum Break and Halo 5 now so I can start making plans to get an Xbox One.


I guess for some this is a bummer, but I'm thrilled to see Kinect take a back seat. I've always considered it as useless as the PS Move. Just a cheap way to try to cash in on the Wii craze that was going around. Give me a good old regular control pad over any form of motion control any day.



EricDS said:

Retail wise I think this makes it a bit easier for those not huge into gaming to purchase an Xbox One for their families. Makes the price of the PS4. I really wish they had a few more kinect titles that used the peripheral to it's fullest capabilities so that it wasn't viewed by gamers as a useless motion device and more like the innovative tech that it truly is.



hYdeks said:

If you live in Canada (like I do) the Playstation 4 is actually $449.99 and this new Xbox One bundle is $50 cheaper at $399.99, so that will be a big deciding factor here I will say that my interest in Xbox One has gone up since there making a kinest-less bundle.

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