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April NPD: Titanfall Was Top-Selling Game of the Month

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

PS4 outsells Xbox One for fourth consecutive month

The April NPD group figures shows that Respawn's latest multiplayer shooter Titanfall, was the best-selling game last month in the US despite the PlayStation 4 outselling the Xbox One.

This is the second month in a row that Titanfall reigns supreme at the top of the list, undoubtedly fuelled by the release of the Xbox 360 version on April 11th. Sony's major console exclusive Infamous: Second Son is no where on the list, a seemingly disappointing omission considering strong sales in March. It's worth reminding that NPD numbers only keep track of physical sales from retail stores, not online or digital sales.

Over on Xbox Wire, Microsoft confirmed that 115,000 Xbox One and 71,000 Xbox 360 units were sold for the month of April. When comparing both consoles' first six months on the market, sales of the Xbox One is outpacing the Xbox 360 by 76 percent. On the software side, 447,000 Xbox One games were sold and 2.2 million on Xbox 360, totalling 53 percent of all software sales last month. An average of three games per Xbox One console have been sold. Not too shabby at all!

NPD analyst Liam Callahan commented on the growth of retail sales from last year's April 2013 results:

“As seen in the past two months, overall spending in April 2014 across hardware, new physical software, and accessories were increased collectively versus April 2013. The 17 percent growth [year-over-year] was due to hardware and accessory growth, despite a 10 percent decline in new physical software.”

The decrease in sales can mostly be attributed to fatigue from last-generation consoles as well as consumers investing their money into the new-generation of consoles. All in all, these latest NPD results show healthy and strong sales for Xbox. It will be interesting to see the results come June and July after the cheaper Kinect-less Xbox One lands in stores.


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Gamer83 said:

I've got a feeling the tide will start changing in North America come June. PS4 has had a hot start but I believe price was the main determining factor and Sony has failed miserably to capitalize on the situation with the complete lack of any AAA exclusives worth a damn. That will be a continuing problem throughout this year and with MS' strength in marketing as well as a better lineup of games, the fact it will be at price parity with PS4 should help it. Now, it's possible Sony has a great showing at E3 and maybe even good news regarding some non-indie, non-port exclusives for this year, but I doubt it.



WayneDavies89 said:

Given the announcement of a no Kinect Xbox One release, Titanfall will continue to have good sales for quite a while.

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