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Games With Gold Improvements Are in Motion

Posted by Anthony Bacchus

Where does the new service go from here?

It looks like Microsoft's Games With Gold program will be going through some changes in the near future if corporate vice president Phil Spencer has anything to do about it.

Right now, Games With Gold has been offering Xbox Live Gold members two free games a month, while Sony's PlayStation Plus program gives away one to two freebies a week. There has been some disappointment with Games With Gold among the Xbox community that the games being offered are old. For comparisons sake, the "newest" game Gold members received was 2012's Sleeping Dogs, while Plus members have gotten BioShock Infinite, Remember Me and Tomb Raider, all released in 2013.

Spencer commented on one of the major differences between both programs:

"One of our issues with Games with Gold — not 'issues,' but differences between the other system we get compared to, is the fact that with Games with Gold, you get to keep that game, regardless of whether you continue to subscribe," Spencer said. "And the business around Games with Gold, for us, is just fundamentally different from some of the other programs that are out there, which does put a different financial picture on a — you're gonna go buy a game that's brand new, the cost of putting that in, just to be kind of blunt about it."

The vice president has been working closely with the team that handles the Games With Gold program, playing a more "active role" in picking the games that are being offered. Spencer went on to say that "I think you'll see at least something that feels, at least, more true to what I think Games with Gold should look like with the constraints that are there."

This is good news for Xbox Live Gold members. While we love receiving our two free games each month, it's obvious that Games With Gold is lacking when compared to PlayStation Plus. How are you feeling about the program? Have you been you satisfied with the games being offered so far? What games would you like to see, or what changes would you like Microsoft to make?

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hydeks said:

Yay I've noticed with gold you get to keep the game but with ps+, you have to continue subscribing to have it. Personally, I like how xbox does it, but I can understand why people would want some newer games, considering they probably played all older stuff :-P

Maybe offer a newer game every 3 months, and only offer that one game that month? You'd get 4 newer games a year, and that seems pretty fair to me.



SunnyShores said:

I use both and playstation plus is better by far.
for one psplus is pretty cheap, less than 20 dollars for 3 months.
for two the games are better and more numerous. I haven't been disappoi
ted by psplus yet.
for three I get games for my ps3 vita and ps4

just saying



Gamer83 said:

For me it's not so much the 'free' games that make Plus worth it, so much as the sales. Not every game gets a sale immediately but there have been some like Rayman Legends which I got for $18 just about a few months after release. Killzone Mercenary, Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate and Tearaway got nice sales as well. In the last two weeks I got Lumines Electronic Symphony and Need for Speed Most Wanted for Vita for a little over $12 combined. Earlier this year Crysis 3 and Enslaved were only $5, Runner 2 on Vita was I believe $3. I don't know what kind of sales MS has had lately as I've mostly moved on from 360 but sales have never been a strong point of Xbox Live. If MS were to start offering better sales, and maybe a free indie game a month, Gold would look a lot nicer. But as Spencer said, all the services are different. At least he's trying to make it better, it seems like MS is trying to do a lot of things better since Mattrick left.



Tasuki said:

I will say it is a disappoint when you see PS+ getting games for free like Tomb Raider and Borderlands 2. I understand that with the Free with Gold you get to keep even if you don't stay gold but honestly I don't see why anyone would not stay with gold. Either people have it or they dont and I dont think a free game will make people sign up for gold just for a month. I am sure that alot of people who do that just end up sticking around longer.

Hopefully we will see some of these big titles make their was to the free for gold program that PS+ had.



Anthinator said:

@Gamer83 You're right about the PS plus discounts. But Microsoft usually has some fairly good discounts as well. I like to check out regularly to check out the current deals.

Right now, Soul Calibur V is less than $4, Scott Pilgrim The Game is $2.50. Hell, even CoD: Ghosts is $40 on both 360 and X1. I think Sony just does a better job on getting the word out there each week through their blog. MS should consider this option too.



Gamer83 said:


Some pretty decent sales there. I'll give MS this, the last year or so seemed a lot better and I could tell improvements were being made in the sales it offered. As far as the home consoles go, however, I still don't think anything is as good as what PS Plus offers but MS does deserve credit for trying to get better. Nintendo is the one that has the most improving to do as far as this stuff. I do like the 3DS E-shop a lot (don't own a Wii U so will not comment on that system's online store) but there aren't many good sales.



Generik said:

My biggest complaint with the Games with Gold is I've already purchased the lion's share of the titles they are giving away. When you are picking games that are AAA titles from 2-4 years ago, who hasn't picked it up by now whether it was at launch or used for $10 a couple years later? And the "you get to keep the game" argument is weak. I don't know anyone that subscribes to gold, then lapses and then resubscribes later, etc. As someone already mentioned, you either have it or you don't for the most part. I'd much rather have some great new games that go away if I let me subscription to Gold go away then ancient games that I've already beaten and traded back to Gamestop.

Also, let's get something going on XB1 already. Seems like we should at least be getting some good arcade type titles by now.



Tasuki said:

I do agree with @Genrik to about the fact that some of the games I have already bought and or beaten already. I mean I never played Gears of War so that one was nice for me to get but everyone I know that has an Xbox 360 already played and beat it long ago and just passed on it.

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