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Xbox One Controller and Headset Pricing Confirmed

Posted by Ken Barnes

US prices go live.

Microsoft has confirmed final pricing for additional Xbox One controllers and headsets, as well as laying out the details for the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit.

The extra controller on its own will be $59.99 (the same as the PS4's DualShock 4), with the Play and Charge kit setting you back $24.99. A bundle deal is available from the Microsoft Store for both the charge kit and the controller, for $74.99.

The official Xbox One Chat Headset - which is not bundled with the console - will cost $24.99.

Additionally, the Day One 12-month Xbox Live Gold Membership will run you $59.99.

It's worth bearing in mind that Microsoft has confirmed that they're working on a cable that will allow you to plug certain existing wired peripherals into the Xbox One controller, although we're waiting for confirmation on the details.


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hydeks said:

The prices are fair, except for the headset, didn't that come free with the 360, now you gotta pay $25. Hell no...



hydeks said:

@Gamer83 agreed, but the xbox one $25 one doesn't look any better :P hopefully they have a $50 bluetooth one, like with the 360



Gamer83 said:

I'm sure there will be plenty of other options. There's probably Turtle Beach headsets for PS4 and X1 already in the works and those will likely be the most popular.

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