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Crackdown 3 On The Cards for Xbox One?

Posted by Ken Barnes

Phil Spencer drops the hint.

There's no official confirmation as yet, but it seems that a third title in the Crackdown series may well be on the way.

A graphic used at Microsoft's Xbox Reveal event in May featured an Agility Orb from the game, but nothing has been mentioned about it since. In speaking to IGN though, Microsoft's Phil Spencer seems to have a little bit of Crackdown on his mind. He said: “Oh, Crackdown is one of my favourite games, and not just because it’s a Microsoft first-party game. I have a lot of love for that franchise. The homage to Crackdown in the reveal screenshots was… I know there was some, like, ‘Did we accidentally sneak that…?’. It wasn’t accidental. Definitely. I don’t think Crackdown is dead at all. It’s a franchise that’s still close to me. I think there’s a lot of room. For me, the natural progression for a game like Crackdown – and you see this showing up on our stage – is in these living, open worlds that live in the cloud.”

Could we see Crackdown 3 on Xbox One? After the backlash against some of the changes to the second game's gameplay, would it still command respect at retail? We'll have to wait and see, but its nice to know that at least one person with a bit of power is at least thinking about reviving the franchise.


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Gamer83 said:

The first game was awesome, probably my favorite open world game of its kind until Sucket Punch brought out inFamous. The sequel though... Crapdown 2 would've been a more appropriate name for that halfa$$ed nonsense. I think they realize that and would want to bounce back in a big way with 3 so I hope this happens.

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