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Competition: Xbox Reveal Bingo!

Posted by Ken Barnes

Come and win some Microsoft Points on reveal night.

Fancy livening up the Xbox Reveal event tomorrow, and winning a prize or two for your trouble?

We thought you might.

The concept is simple. We've made a bingo card that contains several famous Xbox-related brands, and a bunch of things that you'd expect to hear at a new console presentation such as the one we're settling in for. All you have to do, is keep a beady eye on proceedings, and mark off your bingo card as each thing is mentioned. When you've got the lot, shout "BINGO!" in the comments box on our Xbox Reveal Liveblog page, and you could win a prize.

Easy, fun, and it could land you a fistful of Microsoft Points.

Your bingo card is below, so get ready to play when things kick off tomorrow!

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Tasuki said:

Great. think I am coming down with something and will have to call into work tomorrow.



FullbringIchigo said:

@antdickens he stole it from outside xbox

just kidding i know your both owned by the same people (eurogamer) so it makes sense you would both be doing it



antdickens said:

@FullbringIchigo haha, I haven't seen it on Outside Xbox... I do think all the above buzz words WILL be used though!

Oh and by the way, Pure Xbox is not owned by Eurogamer But we are part of the Gamer Network.



SuperKMx said:

Good work Sony_70, but there are no winners today. We'll roll the prizes over to a Twitter giveaway tomorrow.



Tasuki said:

So does that mean we have to have a Twitter account to win anything?

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