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750,000 Kinect Sensors Sold in Thanksgiving Week

Posted by James Newton


Selling 10 million sensors around the world in one year is an impressive achievement for Microsoft, but selling 750,000 in just one week in the United States is pretty impressive too.

Major Nelson confirms that over 750,000 sensors were shifted during Black Friday week. That figure includes bundles and standalone sensors.

It'll be interesting to see if the rush for Kinect has a positive effect on software sales too.


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pellissier said:

I guess, doesn't it mention what people bought with the sensors? If you pick one up you'll be picking up at least 1~2 games, eh?



SpaceKappa said:

I wonder how many of those were the ones bundled with the console? I know I was at Toys R Us on the afternoon of Black Friday and I saw several of the 4gb model with the Kinect packed in get sold, probably because they were the best deal at $100 off.



dirtyvu said:

the holiday bundle for $99 came with Kinect Adventures, The Gunstringer, and Fruit Ninja. Target sweetened the pot by including Wipeout 2 which costs $50.



mastodona said:

WOW all those poor deluded people Still if anyone ever does make a good game, we're all waiting ....



teamdoa said:

I think those individual Kinect sensor sales have been hidden somewhat with people buying the console with it bundled.



dirtyvu said:

a lot of good games for Kinect (bad ones too). don't know what's up with you guys. O_o



dirtyvu said:

@teamdoa. people bought the 360/kinect bundle because they wanted kinect. if they didn't want kinect, they would've bought the 4GB system for $140 or $150 or the 250GB system for $200. the non-kinect gamers prefer the hard drive over a kinect. so there's no problem including bundled kinect sales. heck, all the 360 bundles sold like gangbusters (with or without kinect).

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