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Gold Members, Have An Exclusive Fantastic Pets Demo

Posted by James Newton

Available now

Kinect's first augmented reality game is on the horizon this week — Fantastic Pets releases in North America tomorrow and Europe on Friday — but you can try before you buy with a new demo exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members.

The demo is available now for all paying members, so be sure to download the Fantastic Pets demo to your Xbox 360 now; Xbox Live Free members must wait a week before trying THQ's cutesy pet simulator.

Let us know what you think of the demo in the comments section below, and look out for our in-depth review shortly after the game's release.


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ozerke said:

Already tried the demo. Although short, the augmented reality part is really impressive. My 7 year old daughter loved it. We also tried the demo of Kinectimals released at the same time. She has preferred Kinectimals more, that's why I've ordered a copy of Kinectimals.



James said:

Sounds good, thanks for your feedback! I'm looking forward to giving this one a go in a few days



dirtyvu said:

yeah, even though the graphics aren't as good as Kinectimals, I think it's a more fun game, judging from the demo, especially for the kids. The augmented reality is really cool. And none of that overly talky flying animal with the wonky accent. Though to be completely fair, I've only played the demos for both Fantastic Pets and Kinectimals. I read in reviews of Kinectimals that surprisingly it's not for the little kids since there's a lot of reading that's needed and the UI is not for the little ones either so parents end up having to do a lot of things for the kids.

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