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Carnival Games: In Action Strikes Kinect in April

Posted by James Newton

All the fun of the fair

2K Games had a huge amount of success on Wii with casual game collections – Big Beach Sports and Carnival Funfair Games both sold millions of copies, so it's only natural the publisher is bringing Carnival Games: In Action to Kinect in April.

Only playable with Kinect, the game is developed by the studio behind the original Wii hit but promises plenty of new Kinect features, including The Amazing Wodin, a wizard capable of predicting your future through use of Kinect's voice recognition abilities. The announcement also mentions Monkey Barker, a smartly dressed dancing monkey, who'll challenge the players to dance-offs throughout the game.

Five themed worlds await the player, each with its own array of minigames which, according to 2K Games, will result in:

An exciting, controller-free funfest that can only be experienced on Kinect.

Check out the first screenshots below and keep all your fingers crossed this can't be any worse than the abysmal – and similarly subtitled – Game Party in Motion.

Get ready for a dip in the Shark Tank, a raucous ride on Coin Coaster Mountain or a Cotton-Eyed Joe dance-off with the Monkey Barker™, as 2K Play is thrilled to announce its newest Carnival Games® title is coming exclusively to Kinect™ for Xbox 360®. Carnival Games®: In Action™ is scheduled to launch this spring and is currently under development by 2K’s Cat Daddy Games, the studio that created the original worldwide sensation.

“More than seven million video game fans around the world have ‘stepped right up’ to Carnival Games,” said Steve Lux, vice president of business development for 2K Play. “Now, with the immersive, controller-free experience of Kinect for Xbox 360, a new generation of gamers will literally be able to ‘step right into’ the larger-than-life Carnival Games experience.”

“We’re thrilled 2K Play has re-imagined the top-selling Carnival Games universe to take advantage of the one-of-a-kind Kinect technology, launching players into an exciting, controller-free funfest that can only be experienced on Kinect,” said Matt Barlow, General Manager of Xbox Marketing.

Carnival Games:In Action was built from the ground up to take full advantage of the innovative technology in Kinect for Xbox 360. Five theme-park style alleyways -- from Coaster Corner to Whirligig Way -- set the stage for gamers to swing away in the batting cage, avoid twisting tornadoes in the Hot Air Balloon Race, take a galactic journey to the red planet in Rocket to Mars and much more.

Classic games like Alley Ball, Milk Bottle Throw and Wheel of Chance add to the family fun. All manner of interactive prizes and surprises are abound, including pet dragons, robot cowboys, flying bears and ninja masks.

In addition, Kinect for Xbox 360’s voice recognition technology allows The Amazing Wodin, a wily wizard with a weakness for wit, to advise players of their future. Also making his debut appearance in a Carnival Games title, is the Monkey Barker. Smartly dressed and renowned for his dancing skills, he promises to bring a fair share of monkey mischief to the midway.

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teamdoa said:

And so it begins...the onslaught of shovelware. This game got horrible reviews on the Wii.



Crunc said:

We'll have to slog through the mud, but hopefully there will be good stuff mixed in.



hrnyseany said:

No more stuff ported from the wii! if i wanted to play these games do you not think id have just bought one?

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