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Students of Round 2 (Xbox One)

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Talos said:

Fire emblem awakening great game shining force good game for its time but needed more depth such as fire emblem has ,putting these two together is a great idea. Tactical strategy jrpg or RPG really is needed on Xbox one but not half ass attempts do it right or don't waste peoples time and money for instance students of the round the game is garbage from the art style to the combat so when you say fire emblem people would assume quality in combat and strategy with a jrpg nice 3d models great art fully voiced and shining force for length in depth to both characters and story of people and the world. Can't wait if this is the case because Xbox has no variety these days and is very annoying how little games they have in general and no amount of new tweaked consoles is gonna fix that. Banner saga a similar type of game but play it for even a couple minutes and you notice that there is no strategy at all in the combat or story just the illusion of choice. Shining force 2 might not have been the best but it was solid and a great game still for its day and makes banner saga 2 look bad in comparison in every way except for art style and voice acting. All in all as its Xbox Microsoft i'll expect them to make as little effort as possible to make sure its faith in this game dev is not misplaced and expect the game dev to try not to make something that would be okay 6 years ago. But them making anything as great as fire emblem for xbox I wouldn't hold my breath.

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