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News: NBA 2K14 Receives Another Patch

NBA 2K14 Receives Another Patch

Third time is a charm?

While some may say NBA 2K14 is the greatest basketball simulation to date (we are still reviewing it and may say otherwise), it seems Visual Concepts has responded to the community complaints about all of the problems that the game has been facing. Today, a third patch since it's launch, was released that fixed a whole slew of...

News: NBA 2K14 Aims for Greatness

NBA 2K14 Aims for Greatness

Get your game face on.

Carrying on the sports trailers theme of the week, 2K has also released a trailer for NBA 2K14 in anticipation of the game's upcoming launch. To give it a little push, they threw in Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us" song in the background, and he'll be performing in Los Angeles tonight during the US launch for those that are brave...

News: 2K Tips Off With NBA 2k14 Xbox One Trailer

2K Tips Off With NBA 2k14 Xbox One Trailer

Nothin' but net.

2K has released a trailer for the launch of NBA 2K14 to really show what's different with next-gen compared to the current generation. In case you don't want to watch the video, we've broken it all down for you. First, they discuss the history of 2K's NBA games and show the original Dreamcast version of NBA2K compared to this...

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