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Posted by Ken Barnes

Fighter Without.

In a world where Kinect for Xbox One is seen as nothing but a gimmick designed to ensure that you pay more for a console than you otherwise would, it was imperative that the first Kinect-only experience was compelling. A Wii Sports for the Xbox One, if...

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News: More Launch Trailers Have Arrived

More Launch Trailers Have Arrived

Hope you haven't had enough!

The marketing train continues to chug along as new trailers for key Xbox One launch titles have just been released. The first one covers Fighter Within, mixing in a dose of comedy to showcase how two people can duke it out virtually. Next, comes Ryse: Son of Rome, with more details about the plot of the game, and of...

News: Fighter Within Goes Inside The Game

Fighter Within Goes Inside The Game

Intriguing to say the least

Ubisoft has released a new trailer today actually showing how Kinect works with Fighter Within, instead of the usual gameplay trailers that we've seen so far. As you can see, it's not truly 1:1, however, as long as it's fun and not over in a couple hours, 1:1 isn't necessarily a deal breaker. From the video, it seems that...

Gamescom 2013: Fighter Within Announced For Xbox One Launch

Fighter Within Announced For Xbox One Launch

Beat 'em down.

As we we reported yesterday, Ubisoft is working on a new Kinect-only fighting title by the name of Fighter Within. The game is a spiritual successor to the godawful Fighters Uncaged, which garnered nothing but hatred from gamers when it was released. We're hoping that the improved fidelity of Kinect 2.0 will allow the development...

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Fighter Within will be one of the few Kinect-based experiences available on day one on the Xbox One, and here's the latest gameplay trailer from the game - Don't forget

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