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Posted by Ken Barnes

Knocked out.

When THQ went pop and Take 2 picked up the rights for the valuable WWE franchise, we envisioned that WWE 2k14 would be something of a transitional title. From the outset, it’s clear to see that the usual yearly changes have been made. A few new fighters...

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Out This Week: October 29th (North America)

October 29th (North America)

With releases this good, who needs next-gen?

So you're browsing your local retailer's Xbox 360 section and have no idea what new games were released this week. No one seems willing to help and you feel alone and scared. Surely, there must be a way — an easy way — to get the info on the latest releases. Rest your worried head young Spartan,...

News: Ultimate Warrior to Return in WWE 2k14

Ultimate Warrior to Return in WWE 2k14

Always believe.

2k Games has confirmed that the legendary Ultimate Warrior will be making a comeback in the WWE's first videogame release since THQ folded, WWE 2k14. Players that preorder the game will find that the Warrior is a playable character in the game, complete with hair, tassles, and - we're hoping - the ability to perform a super-long...

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2K have picked up the rights to the WWE franchise from the now-defunct THQ, and have released a first trailer for WWE 2K14 - coming to Xbox 360 later in 2013

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