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News: NBA 2k13 Sets Franchise Record

NBA 2k13 Sets Franchise Record

49% Growth Over Next Best In Series

2k has announced that NBA 2k13 has set a first-week sales record for the franchise. The company's own sell-through numbers indicate that the game has shifted 49% more copies through retail than the previous fastest first-week seller in the series, NBA 2k11. On top of that, international (non-US) sales have...

News: NBA 2k13 Kinect Support Confirmed

NBA 2k13 Kinect Support Confirmed

Crash the boards.

2k Sports have confirmed - via a reveal of the game's final cover art - that NBA 2k13 will indeed be "better with Kinect." There's been no confirmation on what to expect in terms of support, but we're relatively sure that on-the-fly play calling and substitutions will be the order of the day via voice commands. The game is...

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The first in a series of NBA 2k13 Developer Videos, showing off the gameplay. NBA 2k13 is released early October 2012 for Kinect for Xbox 360.

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