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Fighters Uncaged (Xbox 360)

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Get out of the ring and onto the street!

Charge head first into the vicious world of illegal free fighting tournaments, where you will use every muscle in your body to battle your way to the top. Forced into a secret tournament, Simon must use what he learnt from his father, an ex-boxing champ as he faces off against violent combatants who will brutally unleash a range of mixed martial arts attacks to take him down. No guns. No blades. Your body is the deadly weapon! Free the fighting machine in you. Get Uncaged!

Experience The Raw Power of Kinect- Charge into a new world of gaming, where you will use your fists, knees, legs, elbows and even your head to destroy your opponents.
Enter the Cutthroat World of Illegal Fighting - Battle ruthless opponents each trained in different deadly fighting styles. Battle on rooftops, in dark alleys, or alongside gritty city docks
Unleash an Arsenal of Brutal Moves - Attack with over 50 devastating moves, chain together relentless combos and end the fight with merciless finishing moves.
Become a Master Fighter- Use skill & strategy to learn your opponents fighting style and cruelly exploit their weaknesses.
Determine Your Fate - Choose your own path, opponents, and rewards to unlock new skills and upgrade your character.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Bad to the bone

Ubisoft's Fighters Uncaged sounds like a good idea on paper: a full-body fighting game where you can unleash a variety of punches, kicks and combos by actually performing them. But oh so much goes wrong in the execution that the end result feels like an...

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Ria said:

Love this game! After only the training (calibrating) session, I was tired, even broke a sweat. I'm not out of shape either, I often run 3 miles & do weight training. The opponents are fun to beat, and the "Leg Pain!" makes me laugh every time. Have yet to play online against someone else -- that may add another layer of difficulty I'm not yet ready for. Overall a great game for any MMA, boxing, or fight fan in general.


  • User friendly. The training session is ample to teach you how everything works.
  • Great graphics, scenery, and opponents. Not much interaction with your environment (picking up trash cans, etc.), but maybe that's too futuristic to wish for just yet.
  • Availability. Every store I've seen has plenty in stock, no waiting or back-ordering.


  • Cannot change your player/character. You are always a guy in jeans with a bad fade.
  • Difficult facial recognition. You have to hold a lamp right by your head in order for it to let you move on to the menu screen (dark skinned players only, I'm assuming). This is a problem with the console itself, but the game literally will not let you move on to begin fighting until you trick the system somehow. There should be a skip option, it's not like it's all that important anyway.
  • Requires massive stamina; you may have to pause in between rounds just to catch your breath or drink some water. Think Billy Blanks Tae Bo on speed, nonstop.

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