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Dynasty Warriors 8 (Xbox 360)

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News: Dynasty Warriors 8 Confirmed for 360

Dynasty Warriors 8 Confirmed for 360

Arriving in July

Tecmo Koei has confirmed that they'll be bringing the latest entry in the Dynasty Warriors series to the Xbox 360 on July 12th. Dynasty Warriors 8 will - not unsurprisingly - follow the same formula as the previous games in the series, with that familiar extreme hack-and-slash gameplay once again being the focus. The stories of the...

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ChuckieQi said:

can't wait for DW8 tho abit disappointed DW7xtreme lengends and DW7 empires is not coming out for xbox360 befor 8 been a fan since my brother gave me a controller at 11years old n fell in love with the DW franchize bought every game for ps2/xbox360 even SW franchize loved every second of them all BRING BACK EDIT MODE the Qi clan needs to rise

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