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Burnout CRASH! (Xbox 360)

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EA's famous car-crashing game comes to Xbox Live Arcade, with two-player support using Kinect to boot.

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Posted by Thomas Wakelin

A crashing disaster or a wheelie good success?

When it was first announced, Burnout CRASH! was dismissed as a cash-in on a very popular video game series. Nothing like the titles before it, nothing to do with racing and what seemed like boringly simple controls portrayed this game as one that'd head...

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News: Criterion Exit Racing Genre

Criterion Exit Racing Genre

Heading toward new projects.

Criterion Games head honcho Alex Ward has taken the strange - if respectable - step of issuing an official statement regarding the company's future plans. Usually, we'd be left to speculate on whether a new Burnout game is on the way, or whether they're working on Black 2, but this clears all that up. In the statement,...

News: Burnout CRASH! Drops to 400 Microsoft Points

Burnout CRASH! Drops to 400 Microsoft Points

Smashing saving

Burnout CRASH! might not be the best Kinect game out there but it's a fine smash 'em up with a pad in your hand, and it's just dropped to 400 Microsoft Points. The crash junction game is 50% off in the New Year sale, and you can queue it up here if you fancy some cut-price crashing. Read our Burnout CRASH! review to see how its...

Out Today: Burnout CRASH! (Xbox Live Arcade)

Burnout CRASH! (Xbox Live Arcade)

The hits keep coming

EA's joining the recent Kinect craze on Xbox Live Arcade with Burnout CRASH!, out today for 800 Microsoft Points. While the majority of the game is played with the control pad, there's an exclusive Kinect mode that lets you create crashes using just the movements of your body. Now that's power. We'll have a full review soon...

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Burnout is coming to Xbox Live Arcade with a Kinect-exclusive two-player mode! Learn more at www.kinectaku.com

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