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  • Pick One Which Is Your Favourite Watch Dogs Game?

    Have you tried Legion yet?

    What's this? Pick One on a Monday?! Well, to mark the release of Watch Dogs: Legion this past week, we thought we'd take a quick look back at the history of the franchise on Xbox to date. Regardless of whether you've had the chance to try the new game yet, we want to know your favourite entry in the series so far in the...

  • Review Watch_Dogs: Bad Blood (Xbox One)

    Teaching an old dog new tricks

    It should come as no surprise, but Watch Dogs’ first piece of single player DLC is essentially more Watch Dogs. That means if you enjoyed cruising around the beautiful virtual Chicago hacking every little thing in sight, then you’ll know exactly what to expect out of Bad Blood. There are times when it treads that...

  • Review Watch_Dogs (Xbox One)

    Connected chaos

    To be blunt, Watch Dogs’ lead anti-hero Aiden Pearce is a straight up smartphone addict. For most of the game, Aiden can barely take his eyes away from his device. And who can blame him really, especially with all the cool things one can do? No, he isn’t checking to see what’s trending on Twitter or playing a round of Candy...