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  • News EA Seems To Have Cooled Off On The Idea Of NFTs

    Read the room

    In the latest chapter of the NFT story, EA has again chimed in on the technology and its place in their game portfolio. In the past, the company has seemed willing to explore NFTs but now, EA may be backing off a little bit. During the company's recent financial results, CEO Andrew Wilson responded to investor questions about NFTs...

  • News Ubisoft Thinks Players Just "Don't Get" NFTs

    Oh boy

    Some of you may remember that Ubisoft decided it was time to go public on its NFT intentions with 'Ubisoft Quartz' last month. It was some weird playable NFT thing being added to Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which just looked like an opportunity for expensive cosmetics to us. Well, apparently, that's because we "don't get it". In an interview...