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  • News Xbox Dev: We All Miss Snap Mode, But I Don't Think It's Coming Back

    Don't crush our hopes like this!

    Will Snap Mode ever return on Xbox? It doesn't seem like it, but there's definitely been a portion of the Xbox community that have longed for its return in recent years, after it originally proved a popular feature on Xbox One. Xbox Engineering Lead Eden Marie, who regularly responds to Xbox fans on Twitter (we love...

  • Poll Would You Like To See The Return Of Snap Mode On Xbox?

    Or should it be left firmly in the past?

    Remember Snap Mode? This was a feature back in the early Xbox One generation that allowed you to snap an application or TV to the side of your game, so you could play while watching something in the background. It was part of the major push towards TV oriented features when the Xbox One launched in 2013, and...