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  • Video Watch The Xbox Indie Showcase Livestream Here!

    Reveals, Game Pass news & more!

    Update: The show is now over, but you can see the full roundup here at Pure Xbox! Original story: Welcome! Today's special Xbox Indie Showcase is being presented in partnership with Twitch, and will feature over 100 games from independent developers, including new trailers and gameplay for more than 25 games. You...

  • Video Here Are 15 Indie Games Coming To Xbox Series X

    All optimized for the system

    Microsoft gave us a very brief taste of some [email protected] games on the way to Xbox Series X as part of yesterday's Xbox Games Showcase, but it has since released a longer video with more titles. All of the games featured in the trailer above will be "Optimized for Xbox Series X", and you'll be able to play them first on...

  • Video Microsoft Highlights 30+ Indie Games Coming To Xbox

    New Summer Spotlight series

    Microsoft has put out a new article on Xbox Wire showcasing over 30 independently developed games coming to Xbox platforms "soon" as part of its Summer Spotlight series. You can check out all the new videos (six in total) below, which feature gameplay and developer insights from the likes of Everspace 2, Call of the Sea,...

  • News Microsoft: Players Have Spent Over $1.4 Billion On [email protected] Games

    Huge figures

    [email protected] regional lead Agostino Simonetta recently appeared at the GamesIndustry.biz Investment Summit, and revealed some key statistics about the self-publishing program. As pointed out by True Achievements, Simonetta noted that Xbox One players have spent over $1.4 billion on games coming from the indie program since it began in 2014:...

  • Video See Footage Of Over 35 Upcoming [email protected] Games

    Part of a new Spotlight series

    The [email protected] program has revealed footage of 36 upcoming indie Xbox games as part of a new Spotlight YouTube series, complete with comments from the developers themselves. The move comes as a result of GDC being cancelled back in February, with Sr. Director of [email protected] Chris Charla commenting that "given the global...

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    Xbox One

    Review Cubikolor

    No Rubik in sight

    The puzzle genre is not the most fondly tended in the gaming universe. Standout titles such as Portal, The Witness or Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut are often differentiated from the narrow pack because they offer something more than mere puzzling. This is sadly not the case with Cubikolor which, at it's most basic, is a simplistic...

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    Xbox One

    Review Neon Chrome

    Shine on

    In a world where top-down shooters aren't exactly thin on the ground, it takes a brave developer to release one these days and hope that it draws money. With Neon Chrome though, developer 10tons have mixed things up somewhat. Rather than dealing in the sort of relatively throwaway fun the likes of Crimsonland and Polychromatic (amongst many...

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    Xbox One

    Review Azkend 2: The World Beneath

    Not a love match.

    Azkend 2: The World Beneath is the latest assault on the Xbox market from the prolific guys over at 10tons Ltd and unsurprisingly, its another match-3 (or more) puzzle game. Much like their last two attempts to crack the puzzle fanbase, Sparkle Unleashed and Sparkle 2, this is a relatively simple puzzler that is unlikely to stretch...

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    Xbox One

    Review Not a Hero: Super Snazzy Edition

    Get snazzy, ya clown!

    Not A Hero is a side-scrolling 2D cover-based shooter where you're employed by a pink rabbit who wants to be the mayor but who needs to show his ability to clean up the town so that people will vote for him. To do this, he's hired you, playing as one of several anti-heros, to pretty much go in and blow away bad guys in order to...

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    Xbox One

    Review Super Night Riders

    Burnt rubber

    They say that you can't judge a book by its cover. The same could be said of videogames and trailers. In the case of Super Night Riders though, you can throw all the sayings out of the window. We had our reservations about the retro motorcycle racer when we first clapped eyes on the announcement trailer but – as we have to - gave it...

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    Xbox One

    Review Grand Prix Rock 'n Racing

    The Pits

    Fast forward seven months from EnjoyUp's first Xbox One release – the dire Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX - and the developer is back again with a slightly more ambitious title. Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing is another almost-top-down racer, but this time we're looking at F1-style cars racing around much larger tracks with a helicopter-based...

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    Xbox One

    Review Blues and Bullets - Episode 2

    Eight months later...

    What's most difficult about investing in an episodic adventure series is the agonizing long wait between episodes. Having launched its debut episode on Xbox One nearly eight months ago, Blues and Bullets may just be the worst offender for this. It's disappointing, nonetheless, that Episode 2 doesn't land all of its punches. It...

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    Xbox One

    Review Cel Damage HD

    Racing back in time

    Back in 2001, Cel Damage was released for the original Xbox. Offering a cartoony, cel shaded take on the then popular vehicular combat genre, it was an immediate hit and many people still have a soft spot for it today. Fast forward to 2016, and Frontline Games have produced an HD remake of the game, but has time been kind, or...

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    Xbox One

    Review Blast 'Em Bunnies

    Blast 'em into the sun

    When it comes to game concepts, the one supplied by Blast 'Em Bunnies couldn't be much simpler. You play a bunny, manning (bunnying?) a rotating gun turret. Other rabbits of various types – grenadiers, paratroopers, burrowers, walkers, etc. - are trying to get to you so that they can knock you out and take your stuff. You...

  • News Motorcycle Combat Rolls Onto Xbox One With Road Rage

    We know what you're thinking...

    Indeed, we know what you're thinking from the headline, but this isn't a Road Rash remake. Maximum Games have confirmed that Road Rage - a new motorcycle-combat IP - will be launching on Xbox One later this year. The game is set in the dangerous town of Ashen and you play as Ace, the newest member of an outlaw...

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    Xbox One

    Review Factotum 90

    In space, it takes two to tandem

    From Portal to Q.U.B.E, when physics-based puzzle games are done well, they stay in your memory and earn a valued spot in your games collection. TACs Games Factotum 90 is a likely contender to this club, taking a unique premise and making you feel like a genius while keeping the gameplay simple and engaging. Set...

  • News H1Z1 Splits Into Two Games, Both Coming to Xbox One

    A new approach

    Daybreak's super-popular PC survival title H1Z1 is finally coming to consoles, but not in the way that you'd expect. Instead of a straight port, the entire game's development has been split up into two new products, entitled H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Kill. All formats will follow the same path, so the PC title will be...

  • News Compulsion Confirms We Happy Few Will Launch on Xbox One via Game Preview in 2016

    Very happy many

    Via a new year round up blog post, Compulsion Games have confirmed that their intriguing We Happy Few will indeed launch via Xbox Game Preview in mid-2016. The game was first announced in February 2015, and Microsoft showed the game during their Gamescom press briefing. It was initially rumoured by a couple of outlets that the game...

  • News Pineview Drive Set to Bring More Horror to Xbox One

    Keep the lights on

    This news is coming via the German ratings authority USK, who have today certified the PC horror title Pineview Drive for an Xbox One release. As far as we're aware, the game hasn't been confirmed as coming to the platform until now, and there's very little information available regarding the port. As in, there isn't any...

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    Xbox One

    Review Guns, Gore and Cannoli

    Disorganized crime

    In Guns, Gore & Cannoli, players fill the shoes of Vinnie Cannoli, an enforcer for the mob in the 1920s. When Vinnie is sent into Thugtown to locate a person of interest for his employer, he soon finds that circumstances are dire. Zombies and rival gang members are everywhere, and the city is in disarray. With an arsenal of...

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    Xbox One

    Review No Time To Explain

    Not worth the time

    Originally released in 2011 as a browser game on Newgrounds, No Time To Explain on Xbox One doesn't really add a whole lot of "new" aside from a smoother visual presentation and soundtrack. The cold hard truth though is that No Time To Explain wasn't a great game back then, and all of the problems associated with it are still...

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    Xbox One

    Review Beyond Eyes

    A case of perspective

    Here at Pure Xbox we pretty much always write articles from the third person perspective. It allows us to present a more professional tone, we feel. From time to time, the Editor (hey there!) will pen an Editor's Opinion piece from his own point of view but other than that, the third person perspective is the order of the day...

  • Gamescom 2015 Train Simulator Rolling Onto Xbox One

    Portly Controller not included

    Train Simulator 2015 developed by Dovetail Games is set to come to Xbox One via [email protected], as announced by program director Chris Charla at Microsoft's Gamescom presser. Dovetail Games' website states: Train Simulator delivers everything you love about trains with the exhilaration of speed, stunning graphics, a...

  • Feature Editor's Opinion: Indie Game Promotion on Xbox One Has to Change

    Evolution required

    Back in the Xbox 360's heyday, Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade was a stellar way to bring new titles to gamers. A platform within a platform, it appeared to have the full backing of the console manufacturer, with regular arcade-focused promotions and a dedicated area on the dashboard for people to find out about what was available...

  • News Police 10-13 Set to Bust Perps on Xbox One

    Been doing a little drinking tonight, sir?

    Wingman Games are currently working on a "police simulator" title for PC and Xbox One, by the name of Police 10-13. The game has been a part of Steam's "Greenlight" program for a little while, where it has indeed been greenlit by the community, and Wingman appears to have a long list of features that they...

  • Out Today Neverwinter (Xbox One)

    ...is coming

    The Xbox One doesn't have a lot of MMO's (Japan got Onigiri) but Neverwinter is looking like it's ready to fill that void. It's been out on PC for a long time, and today Xbox One owners can try their hands at it for no cost whatsoever. We're not the biggest MMO fans here at pX, but this one definitely has us intrigued. Let us know in...

  • News Fish On! Dovetail Games Fishing Confirmed for Xbox One

    Casting a net in 2016

    On top of all the [email protected] GDC announcements (which we're still getting through!), a few new titles have come to light this week. The latest of which that we have found out about, is Dovetail Games Fishing. The game is currently a part of the Steam Early Access program on PC, and is due to launch this year on that platform...

  • News 1950's Sci-Fi Invades the Xbox One in Fortified, a Real-Time Base Shooter From Clapfoot Games

    Earth comes under attack in spring 2015

    Clapfoot Games – an indie outfit that has, up until now, developed only for mobile devices – has announced from PAX Prime that their upcoming base defense game, Fortified, will be headed to Xbox One in 2015. Fortified looks to borrow bits and pieces from the tower defense genre and third-person action...