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  • News Hitman 3's PCVR Support Is Leading To Some Hilarious Gameplay Footage

    Accessible with PC Game Pass

    As we reported yesterday, IO Interactive's sublime Hitman "World of Assassination" Trilogy has stealthed its way onto Game Pass, both on Xbox consoles and Microsoft's PC variant of the service. One of the most exciting aspects of this trilogy release is the new Hitman 3 Year 2 content, which has seen a bra

  • Pick One Which Of These Hitman Trilogy Games Is Your Favourite?

    They're all coming to Game Pass next week!

    It's time for another round of Pick One! This week, to celebrate the upcoming addition of Hitman Trilogy to Xbox Game Pass on Thursday, January 20th, we thought we'd take a closer look at the three most recent titles in the series. All we want to know is, which is your favourite? Remember you can only pick...

  • News Hitman Trilogy Releases Next Week, Launching With Xbox Game Pass

    All three games in one

    The incredible Xbox Game Pass news keeps on coming, as IO Interactive has announced today that Hitman Trilogy will be launching for Xbox on Thursday, January 20th, and it'll be included with Xbox Game Pass on day one! As you might expect, this combines Hitman 1, Hitman 2 and Hitman 3 all into a single package: Hitman...

  • Rumour Is IO Interactive Working On Some Kind Of Deal With Xbox?

    "Keep an eye on IO Interactive"

    The latest episode of the Xbox Two podcast took place last night on YouTube, and as part of it, Windows Central editor Jez Corden appeared to hint that Xbox might be working on some kind of deal with Hitman studio IO Interactive. Asked about whether Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment acquisition talks would...

  • News Hitman's Ghost Mode Is Being Turned Off Permanently Soon

    And won't feature in Hitman 3

    IO Interactive has confirmed as part of a list of game modes for the upcoming Hitman 3 that Ghost Mode will no longer be making a return, and will be turned off permanently in Hitman 2 later this month. The mode is a 1v1 competitive multiplayer feature which sees two players race to eliminate the same target, but IO...

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    Xbox One

    Review Hitman: Episode 2 - Sapienza

    Time to kill...

    The second episode of the Hitman (Xbox One) content sees the titular assassin leaving the bright lights of Paris and heading to the idyllic Amalfi coast in Italy. The peaceful town of Sapienza hides a dark secret, as a troubled genius has set up home in a mansion in the town, and is busily creating a devastating bio weapon in the en...

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    Xbox One

    Review Hitman

    Enter an (episodic) world of assassination

    Back in the day, the Hitman series brought a complex mix of costumes, stealth and planning to the murky world of the gun-for-hire assassin. As the the titular Hitman - Agent 47 - you were given a target, a selection of weaponry and left to your own devices to make the hit a reality. We still fondly remember...