Xbox Series X|S Appears To Have Passed 600K Sales In Japan

It's not very often that we get updates on the sales figures for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S — after all, Microsoft hasn't officially shared them in years — but courtesy of Famitsu, it looks like they've reached a new milestone in Japan.

The Japanese outlet is reporting this week that the two Xbox consoles have reached around 600,000 sales in total, with Xbox Series S leading the way at 315,431 units. Keep in mind these are described as "estimated" figures:

  • Xbox Series X: 285,014 units
  • Xbox Series S: 315,431 units

If you look at the PS5 (5m+) and Nintendo Switch (30m+) lifetime sales, the above figures obviously make for disappointing reading, although it's worth noting that Microsoft only sold just over 100k Xbox One consoles in Japan during that console's lifespan, and the Xbox 360 ended up finishing with around 1.6m sales.

This latest generation has been a big improvement compared to the last, but obviously there's still a lot more work to be done in Japan from an Xbox perspective. That is, of course, unless Microsoft feels it's no longer worth prioritising.

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