Xbox Is Sending Out 'Excellence' Awards For Some Very Special Games

It's always nice to see Xbox giving recognition to third-party teams when their games perform well, and the latest example is in the form of the "Xbox Excellence Award" - which we've spotted being given out to two dev teams so far.

There are probably many examples out there, but for now, it's the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and My Time At Sandrock studios who have shown off theirs on social media. Here's a closer look, along with a few comments from each:

Looking at the bottom tweet, it seems that everyone who was in the "top 20 best performing Xbox games of 2023" will have received this Xbox Excellence Award, which is definitely a nice touch from Microsoft!

Oh, and if you haven't played either of these yet, they're both available on Xbox Game Pass right now, and they obviously come highly-recommended! In fact, My Time At Sandrock was only added a few weeks ago...

Which games do you think deserve an Xbox Excellence Award? Let us know down in the comments.