A couple of years ago, a game called Trombone Champ started going viral following its PC release, taking the form of a Rock Band-like rhythm game where the idea is to stay in tune while playing along to various songs. The unique aspect of Trombone Champ is that it's purposely difficult, and the real joy comes from the hilarity of falling out of tune.

We've still yet to see Trombone Champ on Xbox as of July 2024, but we do have something very similar coming to the platform this week. Disaster Band launches on July 11th, and the idea is almost exactly the same - except this time you can play as a band, complete with cross-platform online multiplayer for co-op sessions.

"Disaster Band is a rhythm game that will get you hooked . Easy to pick up with an intuitive control scheme, you can play freely with all the instruments included on any given track. But there's more: Connect with your friends online and play together, perform together and party together. Or join total strangers for a jam session you will not forget. The better you get, the higher you will climb in the global rankings. Accept the challenge and rise to the top - or gain infamy as the ultimate Disaster Band."

Admittedly, Disaster Band is nowhere near as popular as Trombone Champ on Steam despite first releasing back in late 2022, but the reviews are "Very Positive" overall. The console release will seemingly include the ability to create your own tracks as well, so that increases its potential longevity even further.

Anyway, the biggest plus point of all here is that Disaster Band looks set to be extremely cheap when it releases on Xbox this week. The PC version usually retails for about £5.99 / $6.99, so it won't break the bank if you fancy trying it.

Have you played either Trombone Champ or Disaster Band before? Looking forward to this? Tell us below.