During 2024's showcase season, the much-rumoured LEGO Horizon Adventures was announced on Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest stage - but there was no Xbox version to be seen. Guerrilla Games' first foray into LEGO game making is releasing on PS5, Switch and PC day one, but not Xbox. Now, in a new interview with Game File, the team's narrative director has given a typical non-answer as to why.

In short, when asked about Xbox, narrative director James Windeler said that the team is "very much focused on pushing this [PS5] hardware to its limits" - even though a version is coming to the much, much less powerful Nintendo Switch at launch. Right.

"Right now, we're just very much focused on pushing this hardware to its limits and making this game look as absolutely amazing as it can possibly be on this hardware,

And you know, we don't really have anything to announce about Xbox right now."

Now, you could read into this that an Xbox version may be coming sometime down the line - after all, he does add "right now" when mentioning a potential Xbox announcement. We also understand that working with fewer systems will always benefit a developer, but of course, the team is devoting time and resources to a Switch version in some form.

Anyway, we'll have to see what comes of this down the line and whether an Xbox version magically appears one day, but for now, PC, PS5 and the much weaker Nintendo Switch are the platforms of choice for Sony and Guerrilla Games.

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