Dead Rising's OG Voice Actor Has 'No Answer' For Why Capcom Didn't Bring Him Back

The original Dead Rising is coming back in full force this September thanks to a fresh remaster, but not all things from the OG release are being kept the same. While it seems that most of the changes will be visual, alongside a few gameplay tweaks, we now know that the voice behind main character Frank West is also changing.

As picked up over on Twitter, Frank West's original voice actor Terence Rotolo has been asked about why he's not returning for Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster later this year. Rotolo seems unsure why, but largely at peace about not returning for the new release. Here's the actor's exact response:

"Hello y'all,

Your question and support is seen and appreciated... The answer to your question is I have no answer. All I can say is I've been grateful for every opportunity to help bring Frank to life.

An actor's job when called upon is to show up prepared, deliver your best, and when done, move on to next mission; I simply wasn't called for this mission. The reasons are the producers' own...

All the best to you and the DR fans... appreciate y'all..."

With a new voice for Frank West also comes a huge change to the character's appearance. The switch to Capcom's RE Engine has allowed for some major enhancements here, and Frank looks much more detailed in the upcoming remaster - as you'd expect!

You can check out those enhancements in the article down below, and thankfully, we don't have long to wait for this one at all. Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster launches for Xbox Series X|S on September 19th, 2024.

What do you make of this news about Frank West? Tell us your thoughts down below.