A couple of weeks ago, Saber Interactive announced that it had partnered up with Stormind Games to work on A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead, and now the game's first story trailer has landed - and it's looking pretty impressive so far.

You can tell there's a little bit of jank in here, but the character models in particular have impressed us, and the above trailer even sneaks in some first-person combat sequences as well. The short clip is well worth a watch!

And here's a bit of story setup for this video game adaptation of A Quiet Place:

"A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead is a single-player horror adventure game inspired by the critically acclaimed blockbuster movie franchise that highlights a unique survivor story after an invasion of deadly creatures. In this exclusive spin-off, experience the journey of a young woman who must endure a treacherous apocalypse in the midst of interpersonal family conflicts, all while coming to terms with her own inner fears."

This all looks like a decent step up from Stormind's Remothered series, and we're hoping that the Italian developer has taken all of the learnings from that franchise into A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead. This Xbox horror title is certainly on our radar anyway!

What do you think to this new trailer? Keep it quiet (but also talk plenty) down in the comments below.