Xbox Remains The Controller Of Choice For Steam Users, Unsurprisingly
Image: Xbox

Valve has released new data about the controllers used on its digital PC platform Steam, and Xbox's game pads (unsurprisingly) remain right out in front.

As of June 2024, 59% of users are playing with an Xbox controller, 26% are on PlayStation controllers and 10% are using Steam Deck controls (aka Steam Decks). Again, it's not really surprising Microsoft's controller is out in front, as the tech giant has given it native support across Windows operating systems (the platform Steam is primarily used on).

While Xbox's latest controller for Series X|S has evolved, it still shares the DNA of older designs - including the Xbox 360 pad, which was quite a popular controller for many PC users back in the day.

Adding to this latest update, Valve also mentions how since 2018, the "daily average controller" usage on its platform has tripled from "~5% to up to 15%", with "~42% of these controller sessions" using Steam input. Valve further noted how it's improved and added controller features over time, highlighting Xbox Controller support:

"Xbox Controller support – We shipped a driver for Windows allowing us to better support Xbox One controllers, including the rear buttons on the Xbox Elite Controllers."

"The team is continuing to work on Steam Input and controller support on Steam, and we are always looking for feedback."

In related news, Forza Horizon 4 is also dominating the Steam best-seller charts at the moment following its recent 80% discount. The game will be delisted this December, and clearly, Steam users are purchasing it in huge numbers!

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