Xbox Is Giving Away Free Forza Horizon 4 Codes For Eligible Players

It's time to check your Xbox messages! As of this morning, some Forza Horizon 4 players have begun receiving free codes for the game from Microsoft "as a token of appreciation" - providing access to the standard edition of the game.

Specifically, these Forza Horizon 4 codes are being given to Xbox players who have purchased "add-on content" for the game in the past, so if you've ever bought DLC for FH4, you'll hopefully be getting one of these in your inbox:

If you aren't eligible for this offer, don't worry - Forza Horizon 4 will also be getting an Xbox sale on July 14th, during which we're expecting every edition to be discounted by around 80%. If that happens, you'll be getting a bargain!

In terms of these codes though, we're not actually sure whether they're transferrable yet - but if they are, you may find a generous Pure Xbox user in the comments below who doesn't mind giving you theirs! You never know...

Did you receive one of these Forza Horizon 4 codes from Xbox? Tell us in the comments down below.