The development team behind last year's Lords Of The Fallen reboot has announced that another mainline entry in the series is coming - and that it already has its eyes on a 2026 release for this follow-up.

Taking to social media, developer Hexworks revealed that "the next major instalment in the Lords of the Fallen franchise" is officially in the works, and the team "looks forward" to delivering the best possible experience for fans once the game is ready.

Last year's title arrived almost a decade after the original Lords Of The Fallen graced Xbox One, and proved to be quite the technical leap as a result. The 2023 version also recently came to Xbox Game Pass roughly six months after launch, which we'd love to become a trend for the series - although there's nothing confirmed in regards to that just yet!

Anyway, LOTF fans can look forward to another entry in the series sometime in 2026.

What Are Your Thoughts On Lords Of The Fallen? (39 votes)

  1. It's an amazing game, I love it!10%
  2. It's pretty good for sure31%
  3. It's alright, not bad10%
  4. It's not that good really  0%
  5. I think it's terrible to be honest!5%
  6. I haven't played it, but I will28%
  7. I haven't played it, probably never will15%

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