It's no secret that this generation's 'cross-gen' period is much extended in comparison to previous console cycles - massive games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 are still launching this year on Xbox One. However, as we approach that four-year mark for Xbox Series X|S, Digital Foundry has decided to have another look at how modern Xbox One games are holding up these days.

And the results are quite fascinating, to be honest. Now, this video is solely focused on Xbox One X and how those versions stack up to Series S - the team hasn't gone back to the base Xbox One here. Even so, DF is confident across the board in saying that Xbox Series S provides a far superior experience in 2024 - even as Microsoft's budget current-gen console.

In the video up above, the team tests out Diablo 4, Assassin's Creed Mirage, Persona 3 Reload, Like A Dragon: Ishin!, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty across both Xbox One X and Xbox Series S - and it's only really AC Mirage that makes a case for One X due to the game's sizable resolution increase.

Here's how the video sums things up:

"Perhaps the most obvious takeaway is the Series S's improved CPU makes an enormous difference in most titles. We're seeing 60FPS targets in virtually every piece of cross-gen software - delivering a level of fluidity that last-gen consoles simply can't match.

The other discovery is that a good number of recent One X titles seem to treat the system as an afterthought. Most of the games here just provide a substandard experience, with the Series S sometimes delivering superior visuals at twice the frame rate - a bizarre situation considering the One X's GPU grunt.

So, the Xbox Series S provides a categorically better experience than the One X in 2024."

While this is perhaps an expected outcome, Xbox One X has always been known as a pretty beefy machine - and at the start of the cross-gen period it even matched up pretty closely to Xbox Series S. It's clear though that nowadays, Xbox Series S is the one to pick if you're looking for a modern Xbox console on a tighter budget.

Are you surprised by this video at all? Tell us what you make of these findings down below.