Xbox Game Pass just keeps on expanding in 2024, and those who caught Palworld fever earlier this year might want to keep an eye on Creatues of Ava. Now confirmed for the service this August, Inverge Studios' take on the 'Pokémon-like' is all about saving creatures rather than capturing them.

You can have a wee look at this concept in the new release date reveal trailer up above - which confirms an Xbox and PC launch date of August 7th. If you're not sure whether you have room for another Palworld-style game in your 2024 gaming calendar, here's how the team is presenting Creatures of Ava:

"Let your empathy guide you as you play an exciting action-adventure, creature-saver game. Understand and tame the creatures of Ava and let them lead you through a variety of ecosystems – all in the hopes of saving the planet from a life-consuming infection."

  • Join a young nature explorer, Vic, on her expedition to planet Ava
  • Explore 4 distinct and colorful ecosystems bustling with life
  • Tame over 20 wild creatures with the music of a special flute
  • Meet the naam, Ava’s inhabitants, and learn their unique customs
  • Save the planet’s inhabitants from an infection called “the withering”
  • Help Vic solve the secrets of Ava and her own troubled past

As we mentioned right up at the top, Creatures of Ava is a day one Game Pass release on both Xbox and PC, so you won't have to fork out any extra cash to see whether this 'creature-saver' game is right up your alley.

Tell us if you'll be giving Creatures of Ava a go down below!