Xbox Already Planning For 'Great Showcase' Next Year As Team 'Hits Stride' In 2024

Xbox's 2024 showcase may have only wrapped up mere days ago, but thoughts are already wandering towards what could appear during next year's event. We've already heard rumours that Xbox could have shown off way more games this year, and now a comment from Matt Booty suggests that quite a lot has been held back for next year as well.

Speaking to Variety, the Xbox exec says that Microsoft is "beginning to hit the rhythm that we’ve always aspired for", and that this rhythm should lead to a big 2025 for the team - both in terms of releases and what could appear at next year's summer showcase.

"The fact that we delivered, hopefully, a critical mass of excitement, and it didn’t depend on those things that we historically go to [Halo and Forza], I think it’s just a good indicator and a good sign that we’ve hit that stride and that we’re going to be able to continue to deliver at that cadence moving forward.

[We're] in a position to hopefully deliver a great lineup and a great showcase next June."

Speaking of those two historic Xbox franchises, Booty says "we’ve got teams working on those projects" and that "we’ve got a lot of cool stuff to share when the time is right". Could Halo and Forza make the 2025 showcase? Who knows, but what we do know is that there's now absolutely loads for Xbox to pick from, which is a great problem to have!

For a look at some of the other things Matt Booty talked about during this new chat with Variety, check out the link down below.

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