Todd Howard Talks About Leading Multiple Bethesda Projects At Once
Image: Bethesda

Bethesda and video game legend Todd Howard is an incredibly busy guy right now working on projects like the first Starfield expansion, the Fallout television series, the long-awaited Elder Scrolls 6, and the upcoming Indiana Jones video game. So how does he manage to balance it all when he's spread across so many different IP?

In the same interview with YouTube channel 'MrMattyPlays', Todd spoke briefly about this and where he gets his motivation from. Put simply - he doesn't have any hobbies (gaming is pretty much it), he loves doing what he does and he's got a lot of "amazing people" who do a lot of the heavy lifting. Here's what he had to say:

"I think the main thing for everybody to remember is, I have a whole studio of amazing people I get to work with, by no means is it just me. So many people I've worked with over really decades and a lot of new people...I do get to do a lot of stuff but it's all great...I do have some things I've gotten better at and I would say delegating, as well as how to use my days and sort of which hours I block off for meetings, but you look at what we're doing, I love it all. I don't have any hobbies, I love video games, I love our games, I love our fans, so it's kind of non-stop."

In saying this, Todd is still able to slot in time for regular gaming sessions and yes - he's been playing a few of Bethesda's new games and DLC including the Shattered Space expansion for Starfield (as well as its many updates) and also Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. Beyond this, he's been hitting up Diablo 4, the Forza series, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077. He's also incredibly "excited" for EA Sports' new College Football game.

So to sum it up, Todd is busy, but fortunately he does have amazing talent to support him and still finds time to game.

Are you surprised Todd is still so involved in just about every Bethesda project? What are your thoughts about this for the studio moving forward? Let us know in the comments.