The Witcher 3 Dev Concedes 'Best-Rated DLC' Tag, Congratulates FromSoftware In The Process

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree is currently the highest-rated Xbox release of 2024 according to Metacritic, and in the process, it's become the best-reviewed expansion of all time. Prior to this new DLC champion, The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine was the frontrunner for RPGs, and CD Projekt Red has now endorsed FromSoftware after falling to number two in the DLC rankings.

Taking to social media, The Witcher 3 dev congratulated the Elden Ring team on its "stellar work" with Shadow of the Erdtree; conceding that after eight years, Blood & Wine is no longer the top-dog RPG DLC pack.

Here at Pure Xbox we haven't got around to reviewing the Elden Ring expansion yet (it's been a busy old time, and there were some hiccups in accessing the DLC), but we do know from our review roundup that Shadow of the Erdtree has gone down really well. We weren't expecting it to become the highest-rated Xbox game of 2024 so far, but here we are.

We too would like to extend our congratulations to the Elden Ring team. Their work in recent years has been remarkably consistent, and if anyone deserves this new DLC crown, it's them!

Remember Blood & Wine? Think Shadow of the Erdtree has a chance at overtaking it for you? Tell us what you think down below.