So, we have the big shiny release date now for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, but what about a bit more extended gameplay? Most Solar Crown trailers so far have been fairly brief, but a new video preview from YouTube channel Game Riot provides us with one of the deepest looks at the game yet.

As a result, we've thrown this video preview up above to give you a closer look at the upcoming Test Drive title. In here, there's fresh looks at open world driving, car customization, the new 'Sharps' & 'Streets' in-game factions and more.

Bear in mind that all of the above footage is pre-release code - and it's from a fair few months pre-release we should add, so you expect plenty of changes and improvements between now and launch. Still, we think it's looking pretty good - we especially like the attention to detail on car models, and how interesting Hong Kong Island looks to explore.

We're on the final stretch now with TDU:SC, so you can expect quite a bit more in-game footage to come out in the coming weeks and months. There's set to be a beta for the game this August, with the full release date for Xbox Series X|S coming on September 12th.

What do you think to this new gameplay, then? Tell us your thoughts on the preview down below.