It's been almost two years since the survival / crafting / town management RPG Medieval Dynasty first arrived on Xbox Game Pass, and it's about to get a major new update that will transform the experience on consoles this month.

On June 27th, Co-Op Mode will be available for the first time on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, allowing you to play with up to three other friends across Xbox or PC. This is a current-gen feature, so Xbox One players sadly miss out.

Here's a bit more about what online co-op will offer in Medieval Dynasty for Xbox Series X and S:

"Following the successful integration of its long-awaited and much-requested co-op mode and new map in December on Steam last year, the integration of co-op to current gen consoles brings an exciting new dimension to the gaming experience. Console players can now immerse themselves in the action alongside friends, unleashing teamwork and companionship to conquer challenges and explore the new landscape of the game's medieval universe."

In addition, a new Oxbow Map will be coming to Medieval Dynasty on the same date for Xbox Series X|S players, along with a character creator. All in all, it sounds like a great time to jump back into this Xbox Game Pass title!

Look out for the update on June 27th, and you can check out the new trailer up above.

If You've Played It, What Do You Think Of Medieval Dynasty? (311 votes)

  1. It's fantastic, I love it!48%
  2. It's pretty good, definitely enjoyable41%
  3. It's alright, not bad9%
  4. It's not that good really  1%
  5. It's terrible!  1%

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