A few months back, the folks over at GSC Game World dropped the original Stalker games onto Xbox seemingly out of nowhere, and their work on the Legends of the Zone Trilogy isn't over yet. Not only is the team still working away on a full current-gen upgrade for all three games, but it's also added official console mod support.

Available now, Stalker fans can head to the game's official modding area to create and share their mods for the console trilogy. At the moment there are no mods appearing because the tools have only just gone live, but the team says users can "make the original Zone look different on consoles with new animations, textures, models, videos and sounds".

This sounds like it could be a real treat once it's up and running, and folks have had time to create and share mods. The Stalker Legends of the Zone Trilogy is an impressive collection of old PC titles, but they are just that, and a little modernisation in various areas could be great to check out - if the community gets those sort of mods going.

We'll be keeping an eye on how this toolset evolves in the coming months, and whether it's worth dipping back into the trilogy with some interesting mods for Xbox. It's all on sale right now too, if you're interested, with both the collection and each individual game at a healthy 30% discount on the Xbox Store.

Once we've had our fun with the trilogy, it's all eyes on GSC's massive sequel - with Stalker 2 then coming to Xbox Game Pass on September 5th.

What mods would you like to see for the original Stalker games? Tell us what's on your wishlist down below.