Square Enix gave us an in-depth look at Visions of Mana as part of the Xbox Developer Direct earlier this year, and it's finally got a release date! The game will launch for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on August 29, 2024.

If you haven't heard of it, the game is a single-player action-RPG that marks the first mainline entry in the long-running "Mana" series since 2006, and the first to ever release on Xbox. In Visions of Mana, you'll follow a young fighter called Val who's tasked with travelling to the Tree of Mana in order to rejuvenate the flow of mana power.

You can expect lots of exploration, fast-paced action-based combat, a vibrant art style and much more!

The release date trailer for Visions of Mana is up above, and we'll throw more details down below.

"Immerse yourself in the vibrant graphics of this beautiful world, where the powers of nature blend with the elemental aspects of mana to create a rich tapestry of life. Journey through enchanting locations with near-seamless transitions in a semi-open field that’s yours to discover. Brace yourself for fast-paced, multi-dimensional actions in battle to enrich your fighting experience. Use the magic of the Elementals to explore this vast world to your heart's content!"

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