Contraband is one upcoming Xbox title we've not heard about in quite some time, with the Avalanche Studios-developed affair going dark since its summer 2021 announcement. At the time, it was revealed that Microsoft would be publishing the game, and fresh rumours are suggesting that this partnership is still a ways out from paying off.

Speaking on a recent episode of the XNC podcast, host 'Magg' claimed that Contraband has been internally delayed, and it's now aiming for a 2025 release at the earliest. The Verge's Tom Warren also popped up in the comments on this podcast episode, saying that "Contraband is a ways off, for sure".

Here's what was said on the podcast:

"I have been told that it's been delayed, and that it's going to be delayed well into 2025 - could be the end of 2025 for all we know.

They [the people who've played it] said the game was fun, it was great, it was a very early build."

This is all unconfirmed information at the moment and should be taken as such, but it does come at an interesting time for developer Avalanche Studios. Earlier this week, the team announced via its website that it is closing its Montreal and New York offices - laying off roughly 50 people in the process.

Whether we see the game in action again soon remains to be seen, but the game was first unveiled during Xbox's 2021 summer showcase, so this weekend's 2024 equivalent could be one to watch for potential Contraband news. You can be sure we'll be covering all the big Xbox reveals as they happen right here on the site.

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