Rumour: State Of Decay 3 Another Xbox Game Aiming To Launch In 2025

Since the Xbox Games Showcase went down earlier this month, we've got a fairly decent idea of how 2025 will look for Microsoft's games lineup. Multiple titles, including DOOM: The Dark Ages, Fable and South of Midnight were confirmed for 2025 during the show, and a new rumour suggests that State of Decay 3 could join next year's lineup as well.

Talking on the Xbox Two podcast, hosts Jez Corden and Rand al Thor broke down State of Decay 3's appearance at the showcase, with them mentioning that the team is aiming to launch the game in 2025. However, the hosts then went on to speculate whether Microsoft would delay it just for the sheer amount of games it has planned for next year.

Rand: "I believe you when you say you've heard that State of Decay [3] could be next year, I'm just saying, maybe they just hold it because you have all this stuff [...] it's a good dilemma to have."

Jez: "If you do have the option to delay something so you can polish it up more, add more features... especially in a game like State of Decay which is going to hinge on how much content it has, ultimately. I think that's so exciting."

During the show itself, State of Decay 3 made a big appearance after being practically M.I.A. for four years since its first announcement. The game's re-emergence didn't come with a launch window, but hopefully the team isn't too far off with the game now that it's effectively been re-revealed for Xbox audiences.

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