After being out on PC for a good four years or so at this point, Riot Games' VALORANT is finally making the leap to console, including Xbox Series X and S. Yep, the team's super-popular hero shooter will be available on Xbox in 2024, and we have a beta to look forward to very soon indeed.

While we don't have a specific launch date for the full game right now, Riot is dropping a limited-time VALORANT console beta on June 14th. The beta will be available to players in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and Japan from that date - with a "possible" global rollout to follow, depending on how things go.

In general, this is pretty huge news. Riot Games is known for staying in its PC development lane most of the time, and them branching out to console with VALORANT will no-doubt be a huge event. Here's what the team had to say about its work on VALORANT for console:

"When exploring whether to bring VALORANT to additional platforms, we knew we had to be able to offer the same uncompromising, competitive experience that we’ve provided to PC players for years: a precise, team-based, tactical shooter,

We were adamant that VALORANT’s core, competitive gameplay must feel natural on a controller; and-if we couldn’t deliver on that gameplay promise-we had to be prepared to walk away from it. We hope we nailed it, but ultimately, our players will have the final say."

Riot Games is sounding pretty confident in its console conversion then, and we won't have to wait too long to judge their work. Be on the look out for the VALORANT console beta for Xbox Series X|S on June 14.

Excited for this one, FPS fans? Tell us if you'll be trying out VALORANT down below.