It was announced at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 that Riot Games is bringing a variety of titles to PC Game Pass later this year, and some games will even be available on mobile via Xbox Game Pass as well.

So, what's on the way? Here's the full list:

League of Legends (PC): All Champions Unlocked

With Game Pass, members will unlock all 160+ champions plus get day-one access to each new champion as it’s released.

League of Legends: Wild Rift (Mobile): All Champions Unlocked

Game Pass members will unlock all 80+ champions plus grant day-one access to every new champion.

Legends of Runeterra (PC & Mobile): Foundations Set Unlocked

With the unlocked Foundations Set, Game Pass members get a head start on this free-to-play friendly PVP card game.

Teamfight Tactics (PC & Mobile): Select Little Legends Unlocked

Game Pass members will get access to a rotation of Tier One Little Legend avatars.

Valorant (PC): All Agents Unlocked

Game Pass members will unlock all 18 agents and get access to all new agents on day one.

You can look out for this content on Game Pass in Winter 2022, with more details to come.

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