Reminder: Five Games Are Leaving Xbox Game Pass This Weekend

It's that time again where a selection of titles leave the Xbox Game Pass library, and we have five games in total exiting the service this weekend. As you can probably guess, the big leaver this time around is High On Life, which departs Game Pass after roughly 18 months in the library.

All five games are on the way out on Saturday, June 15, so you only have a day-or-so left to try these out before they leave the service.

Here's the full list of titles leaving Xbox Game Pass this weekend:

Xbox Game Pass: Leaving Soon (June 15, 2024)

Date Game Platform
June 15 Bramble: The Mountain King Console, PC, Cloud
June 15 High on Life Console, PC, Cloud
June 15 Rune Factory 4 Special Console, PC, Cloud
June 15 Spacelines From The Far Out Console, PC, Cloud
June 15 The Bookwalker: Thief Of Tales Console, PC, Cloud

As usual, you can get a discount of at least 20% on all of these games until they leave Xbox Game Pass, which is worth taking advantage of if you'd like to keep any of these titles for good!

Obviously it's a shame to be losing five Game Pass titles this weekend, but we hopefully still have some great additions to come this month, including The Chinese Room's day one release of Still Wakes The Deep.

Do you plan on playing any of these tomorrow? Or maybe picking some of them up? Tell us down below!