Remember Xbox All Access? Major UK Retailer Is Abandoning The Program This Month

As part of sweeping changes going on over at UK retailer GAME, Microsoft's Xbox All Access program will soon lose a major distributor. Starting June 26, new customers will not be able to sign up for the program at GAME, which allows users to pay for an Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass in monthly instalments.

Once GAME pulls out of the program, just Smyths and 4Gadgets will offer Xbox All Access here in the UK, while a selection of other retailers still offer the program in other regions.

Here's what GAME had to say about the decision, via Eurogamer:

"GAME is simplifying its credit offering and, as of 26th June, will no longer be offering Xbox All Access,

This decision will not impact any of our existing Xbox All Access customers."

The retailer went on to tell the outlet that other financing options will still be available through 'Frasers Plus', another hint that GAME is fast becoming just another arm of UK retail giant Frasers Group.

In response to all of this, Microsoft reassured fans that Xbox All Access will still be available in the UK region, but didn't make any mention of GAME specifically in its statement to Eurogamer:

"Xbox All Access - which allows players to purchase Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass for a monthly price - will continue to be available at participating retailers throughout the UK,"

This year alone, GAME has stopped accepting trade-ins at all of its UK stores, and we've also heard reports that employees have recently been switched to zero-hour contracts if they sit below the management threshold.

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